In the public school system of Etobicoke in the 1950s and 1960s I learned my basic Canadian history. Except they left out one important chapter – The Mac-Paps.

What I should have been taught . . .

It won the Oscar for Best Picture. And well-deserved. It was an excellent film about a very serious topic. And there was something about it that really disappointed me.

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February 12 was Darwin Day – the 205th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. So the Royal Ontario Museum held a special event evening with a lecture by Dr. Eugenie Scott, the recently retired founder and longstanding director of the National Center for Science and Education, and then a unique and delightful performance by Baba Brinkman, a “rap artist” with a Masters degree who delivered a thoroughly entertaining Rap Guide to Evolution. All in all, just a wonderful evening. But then I went home and started thinking about it, and a whole lot of questions came to mind which I sent back to Eugenie and Baba.

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Question: what do a Romantic sonnet and a British TV documentary series have in common?
Answer: They both attempt to demonstrate the lasting power of art and the artist . . . and fail.

Michael Apted and Percy Bysshe Shelley are not usuually conjoined in the same critique, but after watching the entire 7 Up series recently I could not help but think about them and their shared pretentious folly.

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Harry, Larry, Ken and Will

 - some thoughts about Shakespeare

What is it about Shakespeare that causes his plays still to draw audiences all over the world? What is it about his characters, men kilike Henry the Fifth, that has them still held up as models for leaders today?  Thinking about these thing I reflected on the Bard, thought about Harry, and with shameless copying of Shakespeare penned a couple of appropriate sonnets.


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By Craig Copland

One of the finest of Russian orchestras, the Mariinsky, recently visited Toronto and played Stravinsky for over three hours. It was the first time in my life I had ever sat through that much Stravinsky, and it set me wondering.

About what? read the essay . . .

The proposed Charter of Quebec Values has been non-stop in the Canadian news cycle. So I am throwing my thoughts into the pot along with what I think is a unique recommendation. Let me know what you think.

Will it matter? read the essay . . .



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